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But, you can find the BEST coffee in Kenai at Veronica’s Coffee House!


  • The Best in town for a break from a busy day. They are a great place to be.

  • The best kept secret in Kenai. If you really want a feel for the local flair I suggest that you give Veronica’s a try.

  • What they recommend is what you should try.. yum! We had some awesome soup there and the plus side was seeing local artists play their instruments.

  • An absolutely delightful coffee house, our favorite anywhere. Excellent atmosphere.

  • Fantastic place to warm up, sip great coffee and listen to soothing music. The desserts were lovely!



Veronica's Cafe

Veronica's Coffee House

604 Petersen Way, Kenai, AK 99611

(907) 283-2725

Veronica’s Cafe
(Old Town Kenai)
602 Petersen Way
Kenai, Alaska

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